Inspired by the view of West Maui Mountains from the vantage point of Wailea.  With this piece, I try to convey the colors and light of a Maui trade wind day.  Clear blue sky punctuated by trade wind clouds.  Coconut fronds rustling in the wind.  Waves washing onto a rocky shore.

16"x20"   $800
Yellow hibiscus. 

The form of the main subject is finely executed with delicate texturing with the edge of the knife.  I find this to be an approach that I like.  Then I loosen up with the rest of the piece.

8"x10"   Sold

Japanese Irises.

This is another piece that I approach with the same refined application of the oil onto the board with the knife for the main subject.  Then loosening up with the rest of the piece.

8"x10"  $290
Bird of paradise.

Using the same refined impasto technique for the main study of the flower.  Then loosening up into the rest of the piece.

8"x10"  $290
​​Lotus and Fish

​Lotus blossoms in a fish pond.  The lotus in the foreground is finely executed with the palette knife to produce veining textures.  The background is a loose play of colors.

​16"x16"  $700  ​Sold

​The 2 images below show some of the details of this piece and the Yellow Plumeria.  The texturing and blending of the colors are subtle.
Yellow Plumeria

​Cluster of plumeria.  Very fine knife work blending the red, yellow and white onto the board surface to create the 3 main flowers. 

​12"x16"  ​$450  SOLD
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